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I haven't done very much photography of people, and much of the little that I have done cannot be published on the Web for one reason or another.  But here are a few tidbits to whet your appetite.

Black & White
Riikka & Karo

Just the same, this little sequence is by far and away the most popular part of these archives (and that link you probably followed here showed the most popular picture).  So go ahead, ogle at the pretty girls.  You know you want to. 

Heidi & Silja

But wait, there's more!  This follows right in the footsteps of the R&K sequence, but with more feeling.  (Not to mention leg.)   And one kinky bondage picture too!


Last but definitely not least, a pre-planned series of a very photographic woman in both B&W and color.  Also check out Cinna at Elements:Earth.

(courtesy of Arto Kitula)
People's Entropic Party

And now for something entirely different: a series of portraits for the campaign propaganda of Narodna entropska partija (People's Entropic Party).  Oblast je pri nas ljudska!


Tattoos and a studio with a black background.  What else do you need?  Some pictures in this series ended up on the back cover of DJ Gnosis' mix-cd "from the shadows that darken the depths of your angel eyes".

Finnmasterz: HCTP

Three girls, two ice creams and lots of Photoshop filtering for that crunchy porn-from-the-70s look -- it all adds up to one great record cover for the Finnmasterz' debut release, Hardcore for the Girliez, featuring yours truly as DJ Gnosis.

(thanks to Arto Teräs)
Bordelli 1999

A solitary picture in vivid flesh tones (for once) that definitely wins the Best Body Part Award.  The rest of the stuff in the directory is quite unremarkable.


Just in case you didn't find these pages to contain enough ego worship, here's a gallery devoted to pictures of me.

All pictures copyright 1998-2000 by Jani Patokallio.

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