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The photographer is condemned to spend his life on the wrong side of the lens, and indeed, digital pictures of me are few and far between.  Here's a selection of those few -- and do note that most of them would be little use for identifying me in Real Life...
Party Jani

Silver and olive dictator Jani at XXXmas, 19.12.1999

Sweaty party Jani in a snowstorm after Tukikohta, 24.4.1999

Nuclear green Jani the morning after Love Parade 1999

Ninja DJ Jani at Bunka III, 28.2.1999

Strobodan Jani at Street Party Turku 1999

Unabomber Jani partying on a ferry (Germany-Denmark)
Traveling Jani

Jani atop Mt. Nesaksla (Norway),  summer 1999

Beldar Conehead atop Mt. Fuji (Japan), summer 1998

The Finn-Squid testing his brand new 7mm SCUBA wetsuit
Normal Jani

Reflection from a bass drum,
Refresh, April 2000

Normal?  Now why would I ask somebody to take a picture of me or go through the bothering of setting up a camera stand with timer if I was looking normal?

All pictures copyright 1998-2000 by Jani Patokallio.