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A section that I'd like to get a lot more pictures in, and now that I live in Singapore this is actually a feasible goal.  Stay tuned.
Bintan (Indonesia)

A day trip from Singapore.  The pictures look better than the diving itself...

Shown: This is your brain on Bintan

Eilat (Israel)

Snorkeling around the Coral Beach Nature Reserve.

Shown: Obligatory clownfish-and-anemone shot

Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

A dive in the Magic Garden of Thetford Reef, not too far from Cairns.

Shown: Up close and personal with live coral

Näsijärvi (Finland)

Testing out the underwater casing... in a muddy lake.

Shown: Lakeweed


Perhentian (Malaysia)

One place that looks like paradise in and out of the water... although better visibility would have helped on these two dives.

Shown: Up close and personal with a leopard shark

Thulhagiri (Maldives)

Picasso triggerfish, moray eels, eagle rays, reef sharks and a bad photographer just meters away from a bungalow on stilts.

Shown: Iz having a chat with Picasso

Tioman (Malaysia)

A bad day on a divers' paradise.

Shown: The mysterious muppet-headed blue anemone

Zenobia (Cyprus)

2 dives on the amazing wreck of the m/s Zenobia, sitting in the shallows just outside Larnaca harbor since 1980. 

Shown: Yours truly floating along

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