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The 51st state, only metric and partly (if noisily) in French.  Fortunately there's enough space to get away.


The brisky nautical gateway to Nova Scotia.

Shown: Slippery approach to the Halifax Citadel


Faux-British country village filled with pubs, souvenir shops and relics of water power.

Shown: Implements in the Industrial Heritage Museum


Bohemian France meets big-city North America and turns into something rather unique. See also the winter edition.

Shown: Dazed-looking statue at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame


Eerily perfect ski resort in the Laurentians, north of Montreal.

Shown: In the Village, where you will be assimilated into the snow and cuteness


Not too bad for an artificial capital. See also the winter edition.

Shown: The Rideau Canal

Quebec City

What Europe would look like if it was run by Disney.

Shown: Tourist shops, Basse-Ville


A handy pit-stop on the long haul between Montreal and Quebec City.

Shown: Bistro L'Ancetre

Just like New York, only Canadian.  (And Asian.)

Shown: Strolling down the strees of Gastown

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