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The name "Egypt" evokes many images, and the funny thing is that, for once, most of them are true. It's a big country and I haven't seen much of it, but here are a few pictures just the same...

Once one of the greatest cities in the world, sacked countless times since, today's Alexandria is slowly creeping back towards its former splendor.

Shown: Beach off the eastern end of the Cornice


Famed home of the Pyramids, and also a sprawling third-world metropolis balanced precariously between chaos and order.

Shown: Central Cairo fading into the smog, as seen from the Citadel


A mountainous strip of desert jutting out into the Red Sea, and the unlikely location of the backpacker/scuba-diver Mecca known as Dahab.

Shown: "Star of Dahab" camp on the edge of the Red Sea

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