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Finland is not a photographer's dream come true.  It lacks all dramatic extremes: no majestic mountains, clear lakes, expanses of desert, or even big cities.  Instead, it's flat, covered by forest and dotted with small lakes.  Just the same, I visit every year or so, and consequently quite a few Finnish scenes have ended up on this Web site as well.

The capital of Finland, as well as my birthplace and long-time home town.

Shown: Sanoma Building

Hämeenlinna (Aulanko)

Brief pit stop along the way from Tampere to Helsinki to drop into Finland's first mass tourism destination.


Located just outside Helsinki, visiting Nuuksio National Park provides a glimpse of primordial Finnish wilderness.


Scenic little town with oodles of history and old wooden buildings, a short hop from Helsinki.


Grilled fish and an incomparable castle (well, by Finnish standards) perched on the shores of Lake Saimaa.


An industrial city featuring the world's only museum dedicated to V. I. Lenin.

Shown: A statue of Vladimir Ilyich at his museum


A few rather miserable pictures taken on a trip through the Åland Islands


Chilling out at a comparatively luxurious summer cottage on one of the endless lakes near Mikkeli, Eastern Finland.


Fall in Finland is a brief spasm of color and clear skies that all too soon degenerates into endless rain, mud and cold.  October is known as lokakuu, the month of mud, and snow rarely arrives before December.


The Finnish winter is long, dark and cold.  The sun barely creeps above the horizon, bathing everything in an eerie blue glow during the day, coloring the sky bizarre shades of dark purple at sunset.


Mother Nature begins to stir in April, as the temperatures start to stay above 0 and spring rains melt the accumulated snows of winter.  Flowers and patches of greenery sprout amidst last year's fossilized remains.

Summer (Under construction!)

Hope for the Finnish summer is what keeps Finns alive during the winter.  In good years the summer is sunny and warm, but never too hot.  People head to their cottages and the beaches, and occasionally even smile every now and then.

By September the temperatures start to drop and the cycle starts again.

All pictures copyright 1998-2009 by Jani Patokallio.

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