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Travel : Indonesia

The sleeping giant of South-East Asia, with 250 million people, 17 thousand islands, and a wealth of history to match.

Bali [Wikitravel guide]

The original Magical Island.

Shown: Alleyway and temple roof, Seminyak

Bandung [Wikitravel guide]

The city of flowers, factory outlet stores and deep-fried things with spicy sauces.

Shown: Art deco facade of the Savoy Homann Hotel

Bogor [Wikitravel guide]

Jakartan exurb home to some famous botanical gardens and, well, not much else.

Shown: Orchids in the Orchid House, Botanical Gardens

Borobudur [Wikitravel guide]

No less than the largest Buddhist monument in the world.

Shown: A section of Borobudur seen from the eastern gate

Manado [Wikitravel guide]

Some of the finest diving in the world.

Shown: The mangrovial coast of Bunaken, with coral hiding just offshore

Mount Bromo [Wikitravel guide]

Quite possibly the closest you can get to Mordor in Java, or the world.

Shown: Mt. Bromo steaming and Mt. Semeru erupting

Gili Islands [Wikitravel guide]

A week's diving on on the supremely chilled-out backpacker mecca of Gili Trawangan, near Lombok (see below).

Shown: White-spotted pufferfish, Gili Trawangan

Jakarta [Wikitravel guide]

30 million people and one giant traffic jam.

Shown: The hazy skyline of western Jakarta as seen from Monas

Lombok [Wikitravel guide]

Despite the best hopes of property speculators, the still-undiscovered twin of Bali.

Shown: Perahu fishing boats, Gili Trawangan

Prambanan [Wikitravel guide]

The yin to Borobudur's yang, these are the largest Hindu temples outside India itself.

Shown: Approach to Candi Lara Jonggrang

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