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Travel : Israel

The Holy Land is a lot more than desert and churches.  You may also wish to check out the occupied territories of Palestine, and the other side of the river in my Jordan travelogue.


A glitzy Red Sea resort, whose best attractions are underwater.

Shown: Courtyard of Herod's Palace
Golan Heights & the Sea of Galilee

Views from a much-disputed parcel of scraggly hills and Israel's only freshwater lake, taken during a one-day trip.

Shown: Minefield warning sign


An industrial port city to the north of Tel Aviv, whose sole redeeming features are the Baha'i Shrine and its accompanying gardens, plus the bizarre diagonal Carmelit subway.
Shown: View down from the Bahai Gardens


A plush residential suburb near Tel Aviv that contains lots of expensive hotels, more expensive houses and the Sidna Ali beach.
Shown: Yoga on the beach


The holiest place on the planet.

Shown: Cops and Armenian monks face off

Mitzpe Ramon

A tiny city n the middle of the Negev desert, huddled next to the Maktesh Ramon crater. Contains lots of rock and inquisitive tame ibex.

Shown: Ibex posing for the camera

Nazareth & Mt. Tabor

The ancient home town of Jesus, these days a bustling Arab city; and the nearby church and monastery of Mt. Tabor, mythical site of the Transfiguration.

Shown: Dome of the Church of the Annunciation

Tel Aviv

Israel's capital in all but name.

Shown: Typical example of older Israeli concrete architecture

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