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The inexplicably oft-ignored country of East Asia.  Great food, great sights, beautiful women, a writing system that looks like Klingon and a ruthless dictator with a nuclear arsenal within artillery range -- what more could a traveller want?

Busan [Wikitravel guide]

Korean's number two city and number one port.

Shown: The serenity of Beomeosa Temple (rest assured, the rest of the city is totally different)

Cheonan [Wikitravel guide]

Exurb of Seoul home to South Korea's greatest exercise in patriotic propaganda.

Shown: Entrance to Independence Hall
Danyang [Wikitravel guide]

Caves and mountains in the middle of the peninsula.

Shown: Gosu Caves

Guinsa [Wikitravel guide]

Mountain headquarters of the two-million-strong Cheonda sect of Buddhism.

Shown: Temple rooftops

Jinju [Wikitravel guide]

A small city with a famous fortress and the Dong Bang Tourist Hotel.

Shown: View from the fortress to the river

Panmunjeom [Wikitravel guide]

Truce village in the Incredibly Militarized Zone between the Koreas.

Shown: South Korean military police doing his best to out-intimidate the enemy

Seoul [Wikitravel guide]

A sprawling but fascinating megapolis.

Shown: Nandaemun Gate floodlit at night

Suanbo [Wikitravel guide]

Rather dull hot spring resort.

Shown: But at least the restaurants are glittery
Yeongjong Island [Wikitravel guide]

Seoul's international airport and a little more.

Shown: Haesoopia Spa

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