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Travel : Norway

The most beautiful, and the most expensive, of the Nordic countries.

Barentsburg (Svalbard)

A little piece of Soviet Russia perched on the Norwegian territory of Svalbard.

Shown: Polar Star souvenir shop, with hastily Russianized mural

Esmarkbreen (Svalbard)

A beautiful blue glacier within striking distance of Longyearbyen.

Shown: Truly glacial ice formations


Post-Olympalyptic ski resort now dozing off again.

Shown: Extinguished Olympic flame, now next to a corn field

Longyearbyen (Svalbard)

The northernmost tourist destination in the world and the largest settlement (pop. 3000) in the Svalbard Islands.

Shown: Nybyen, Longyearbyen


The famously dull capital.  But it's pretty on a summer day.

Shown: Afterposten building, Karl Johans gade

All pictures copyright 2005 by Jani Patokallio.

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