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Travel : Taiwan

A renegade island province that turns out to have a lot more to offer than just electronics factories.
Alishan [Wikitravel guide]

Giant cedar trees, mysterious temples, cloudless sunrises and vast amounts of eerie, drifting mist.

Shown: Trail in red cedar forest

Chiayi [Wikitravel guide]

Eminently forgettable provincial town.

Shown: The not-so-bright lights of Zhongzheng Rd by night

Guanzihling [Wikitravel guide]

Hot springs with a twist: geysers here gush gray mud.

Shown: The valley of lower Guanzihling

Taipei [Wikitravel guide]

The vast capital of the almost-country.

Shown: National Palace Museum, repository of the Forbidden City loot

Alishan Forest Railway

Winding its way 2500m up a mountain, this narrow-gauge railway is a masterpiece of precolonial Japanese engineering.

Shown: Train pulling into Alishan station

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Barreling its way across Taiwan at 300 km/h, this super-sleek bullet train is a masterpiece of modern Japanese engineering.

Shown: Train pulling into Taoyuan station

Wikimania 2007

Geekery at Wikimania 2007 Taipei and gluttony at the Wikitravel Eat-together 2007 Taipei.

Shown: Sign overload at Shilin Night Market

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