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With a few notable exceptions (denoted by a colored bar to the left) this directory is just a data repository, sorted by country in alphabetical order.  You can find these rest of these pictures -- or all the good ones, anyway -- with a lot more explanations on my travelogues page.

The Khmer Rouge are long gone but Angkor is still going strong.  Pay a visit before the average tourist figures this out.

Shown: Carved face, Ta Prohm, Angkor

China (Shanghai)

One weekend in the fastest-growing town on the planet, studying the results of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Shown: Path to Midlake Teahouse, Yuyuan Gardens, Shanghai

Hong Kong

The Fragrant Harbor has more than just packed alleyways and dim sum...  although there are plenty of those too!

Shown: Ultramodern buildings and a peeping bus, Hong Kong Island


Travels in northern India.

Shown: Guard at the Golden Temple, Amritsar


Mind-boggling extremes of geography, culture and wealth (or lack thereof) in the world's largest archipelago.

Shown: National Monument (Monas), Jakarta


Pictures from all over the country, taken during the 1.5 years I've lived there.  You may also wish to check out the travelogues for some context.

Shown: Room in Sanshu, Nara


Slowly emerging from Japan's long shadow.

Shown: Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul


The forgotten country of South-East Asia, taking its first cautious steps on the tourist trail.

Shown: Buddha statue, Wat Si Saket, Vientiane


Beach bum on the Perhentians and a shopoholic in Kuala Lumpur.

Shown: KLCC Suria, Kuala Lumpur


A slice of paradise if you can afford it.

Shown: Beach on the Indian Ocean, Thulhagiri Atoll


Same as China, only different.

Shown: Misty cedar forest, Alishan


Tales from the Big Mango and other points around the country.

Shown: Flower garland, Wat Rajnadda, Bangkok


Tropical city-state not quite as boring as its reputation.

Shown: Bored proboscis monkey, Singapore Zoo


One weekend in boomtown Saigon, plus a few days poking around Hue and Hoi An.

Shown: Detail of the Citadel, Hue

Belgium (Brussels)

A weekend of beer, chocolate and mussels.

Shown: Statue, Cathedral of St. Michel


Five days on both sides of the divided Mediterranean island.

Shown: House of the Dragoman Hadjigeorgakis, Nicosia


A few shots from Copenhagen and surroundings. 

Shown: Inside Roskilde Cathedral, Roskilde


Finland's next-door neighbor, here are the results of a quick visit to the capital Tallinn on a beautiful summer day.

Shown: Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral, Tallinn


My native country and hence a frequent target for nature photography.

Shown: Chilling out, Helsinki


A few trips around the land of berets, baguettes and cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

Shown: Eiffel Tower, Paris


The economic juggernaut of Europe.

Shown: European Central Bank, Frankfurt


A few early autumn snapshots from the land of white, blue and moussaka.

Shown: Benches outside the cathedral, Hydra


The land of goulash and wine!  (And one techno party whose pictures are elsewhere.)

Shown: A bowl of gulyas at Ráb Ráby, Szentendre


Some all too touristy pictures, mostly from Rome, a scattering from Sicily.

Shown: Marble bust at ACEA, Rome


A quick week in the Emerald Isle, from cosmopolitan Dublin to the windy pastures of Gaelic-speaking Inis Mor.

Shown: Shopping in Galway


Pint-sized principality of prosperity.

Shown: Tank at the World War II Museum, Diekirch


I spent two weeks on the wackiest island in the Mediterranean, but didn't take too many pictures.

Shown: Prehistoric ruins, Hagar Qim


One week in fjord country and another at the northernmost point inhabited by man.

Shown: Blue walls of ice, Esmarkbreen, Svalbard

Spain (Barcelona)

An all-too-quick first visit to everybody's favorite European city.

Shown: Casa Batllo, Barcelona


Pretty pictures from a pint-size country.

Shown: Window in Trg Svobode, Kamnik


Stockholm and Lapland during the brief Arctic summer.

Shown: Royal guard, Stockholm


Brief evidence of visits to CERN (Geneva) and ETH (Zürich).

Shown: Bank, Geneva

United Kingdom

London and Cambridge.

Shown: Impenetrably British signage, Bishopsgate, London

Middle East & Africa

The gateway to Africa.  Pictures from Cairo, Alexandria and the Sinai peninsula.

Shown: St. Catherine's monastery, Sinai


Random snapshots from the Holy Land.  (See also Palestine.)

Shown: Thistles at sunset, Herzliya


The pictures from a blitzkrieg tour through the desert and the ruins.  Again, read the photojournal.

Shown: Treasury (Khazneh), Petra


The other half of the Holy Land.  (See also Israel.)

Shown: Kids with a toy AK-47 in the souq, Bethlehem

Saudi Arabia

A peek into the secretive Magic Kingdom.

Shown: Oil well, National Museum, Riyadh


Northern Africa sizzling in midsummer.

Shown: Zitouna Mosque, Tunis

Turkey (Istanbul)

The bridge between Europe and Asia.

Shown: Suleymaniye Camii over the Golden Horn, Istanbul

United Arab Emirates

A set of quick visits to the brashest ministates money can buy.

Shown: Over-the-top opulence at the Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi


The Real Africa: safaris, friend people, dust and poverty.

Shown: Mobile operator Zambian style, Zambia-Malawi border

North America

Tropical islands that, for once, actually look like postcards.

Shown: The aptly named Paradise Island


Just like the United States, only different. Or so they think.

Shown: Patriotic souvenir shop, Montreal, Quebec


Just like Canada, only bigger and louder.

Shown: Philippe's French Dipped Sandwiches, Downtown LA


The Land Down Under, with tropical beaches, snowy mountains and everything in between.  So far only managed to get to Northern Queensland, but will return someday...

Shown: Goanna, Hinchinbrook Island, Queensland

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