Hitching through northern Japan
in search of the perfect mountain
hot spring and accompanying nuclear reactor...

text & photography by Jani Patokallio

Episode 9 of the Jani 3 Japan saga

Table of Contents

Introduction 序文

Chapter 0: Playing with Electricity
Shibuya 渋谷

Hokkaido 北海道

Chapter 1: Mo' Rap Land
Shikotsuko 支笏湖、Toyako 洞爺湖

Chapter 2: Kamuiwacky
Abashiri 網走, Shiretoko 知床半島

Chapter 3: It's a Japanese Thing
Akan National Park 阿寒公立公園

Chapter 4: Forest for Oysters
Taisetsuzan National Park mail protected];38xN)8x1`

Chapter 5: Press the Button
Sapporo 札幌, Niseko ニセコ, Onuma 大沼

Tohoku 東北

Chapter 6: Kappa Noodles
Osorezan 恐山, Yagen Valley 薬研渓谷

Chapter 7: Gone with the Wind
Hirosaki 弘前

Conclusion 結語

Chapter 8: Ii Nihonjin
Komaba 駒場

Jani 3 Japan

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