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This is a photojournal of a 4-day blitzkrieg tour in Jordan, accompanied by my parental units and my little brother.  As you can imagine, this limited off-the-beaten-track exploration quite radically.  And I can't even claim that this is a photojournal because the pictures are so excellent, because they aren't; it's a just a convinient excuse for writing less.

But I figured that there's so little information available on this country that it's my Duty to write up something and provide a bit of a framework for the few interesting shots.  So here it is: just click on the days to start reading.  All pictures are thumbnails, click on them for enlarged versions.

Day 1
Jerash, Madaba, Kerak
Day 2
Kerak, Petra
Day 3
Day 4
Wadi Rum, Aqaba
Day 5
Eilat, Maktesh Ramon, Tel Aviv

But before you start your journey, how about some background music?  Try Jordan Radio & TV live at www.jrtv.com/radio.ram!  If Egyptopop is too sinful, or JRTV's server is down as usual, check out a nice Quran recitation (Surah al-'i-Imran) at   http://al-huda.ca/qrealp/003/003.ram.  You will, of course, need RealPlayer.

Should you find my verbosity tiresome, you can check the Jordan section of my photo archives, which contain all the pictures in this journal (and a few extras) without all the text.  The pages are thumbnailed, but I still find this journal looks much nicer.

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