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Two of my many obsessions include traveling and writing.  And now, thanks to the Net, you're about to be subjected to the end result of combining the two: that's right, you've found my travel diary section.

These days, I prefer to make others pay for my bandwidth, so my later adventures are all hosted on Wikitravel Extra.

2007: Earthquakes, Gamblers, Pirates and Oysters: Around the World in 60 Days
Around in the world in the back of the bus.
Bangkok-Fukuoka-Kanazawa-Wakura Onsen-Tokyo-Phoenix-Grand Canyon-Las Vegas-Puerto Rico-Nassau-Toronto-Ottawa-Saint Malo-Mont St Michel-Lille-Helsinki-Barcelona-Bangkok

2006: Cambodia Chronicles
A most-expenses-paid junket through Cambodia's swishest hotels.
Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Siem Reap

2006: The Double-Almost-Round-the-World
How, what not to do if you want to get from Los Angeles to Montreal.
Part 1: Singapore-Bangkok-Incheon-Los Angeles-Seoul-Cheonan-Suanbo-Danyang-Guinsa-Bangkok-Singapore
Part 2: Singapore-London-Kamnik-Ljubljana-Paris-Brussels-Paris-Helsinki-Ottawa-Montreal-London-Singapore

2005-2006: Fly is Cheap -- Low Cost Adventures in Indonesia
Exploring 17,000 islands on the world's dodgiest airlines.
Jakarta / Bali / Mount Bromo / Manado

2005: From the Heart of Africa to the Top of the World
Malaria medication?  Check.  Thermal underwear?  Check.  Still-moving octopus tentacles?  Check.
Singapore-Bangkok-Chipata-South Luangwa-Lilongwe-Oslo-Longyearbyen-Ottawa-Vancouver-Seoul-Jinju-Busan-Singapore 

2004: To the Lost Continent of Mu and Beyond
An underwater adventure to the ruins of a lost civilization.
Singapore-Nagoya (Expo 2005)-Ishigaki-Yonaguni-Iriomote-Tokyo-Singapore

2002: Musenjin (text only)
Food poisoning, drunk sword-waving yakuza gangsters and hot-spring dipping with Japanese chicks.
Helsinki-Frankfurt-Perhentian-Kuala Lumpur-Tokyo-Mt. Hiei-Shikoku-Gifu
2001-2002: Jani 3 Japan
The lengthy story of an exchange student at the University of Tokyo (at least when not hitchhiking around the country).
Winter 2000: Ahad Ha'am - One People
Half travelogue, half political commentary, a view into Israel, Palestine and Turkey during the turbulent times of the al-Aqsa intifadah.
Spring 2000: Behind the Mask (heavily under construction)
A leisurely stroll through Egypt, Palestine and the United Kingdom, slightly less hectic than my usual blitzkriegs.
January 2000: Sinai 2000 - Across the line and still alive
The documentation of a week among the reefs and deserts of the Sinai in midwinter. 
Summer 1999: ExtrRAIL!
Three months on the rails, underwater and in the air around Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East, incl. LP 2000.  See the massive web site.
January 1999: Ei me tänne nukkumaan tultu
Viikon pituinen Entrooppimatka Israelissa kaikkien vakiokohteiden läpi. Matkastoori saatavilla.
December 1998: Excursion to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
A four-day blitzkrieg tour of Jordan, heavily illustrated and even with some sound samples.  Take a peek at the photojournal.
Spring/Summer 1998: Jani 2 Japan 
Half a year in Tokyo working for Nokia Mobile Phones, but with plenty of trips on the side (Saipan, Sado Island, Tohoku, Kyoto...).  Extensively chronicled in the J2J WWW archive and photo archive

Hedonistic Zen Monk
An extended J2J substory about a journey through northern Japan by foot, thumb and Shinkansen.
February 1998: Israel Isreal 
A two-week trip to Israel, visiting parents, checking out the techno scene and digging the ambience.  Check out the trip report and club guide.
December 1997: Entropy goes St. Petersburg
Toinen entrooppi-XQ, tällä kertaa vain kuusi uhkarohkeata menossa painimaan Venäjän karhun kanssa Siperian talvessa.  Tarjolla perusteellinen matkaraportti.
July 1997: Love Parade 1997
47 henkeä, bussi ja Berliini paraatin aikaan, reissun varrella myös Kööpenhamina ja Tukholma.  Keikan jäjresti Entropy ja kuvitettu matkaraportti löytyy.
January 1997: Overnight in Tallinn
Just a short two-day/one-night jaunt to the south with a friend.  No diary as the details are none of your business...  <grin>
Summer 1996: The Brahman Intra-European Excursion
The classic trial by fire, a one-month-long solo Inter-Rail journey through most of continental Europe.  Check out the mind-numbingly long diary transcription
And remember, it's not a trip unless it's overnight and to a different country.  These days I travel more than ever, but I no longer write nearly as voraciously as I used to...

If you liked the photography, you may wish to take a peek at the photo archives for lots more, including my own favorites and some studio work. 

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