Jani in Japan

G'day and welcome to Jani in Japan, an experiment in Internet broadcasting,
interactive travel diaries and awkward alliteration.
Hamarikyu Teien, Tokyo
So what's all this about?   To make a long story short, I was working in Tokyo for about half a year (March 1998 'till mid-September).  While I was there, I wrote a weekly electronic journal entitled "Jani in Japan", a.k.a. J2J, which was broadcast to the subscribers of the J2J mailing list.  For more information about yours truly, check out the introductory episode 0, or even my home page.

WWW archive
Saikan, Hagurosan
All broadcast episodes have been archived and recently completely reworked for the Web, with inlined picture thumbnails and hyperlinks when appropriate.  So start reading at http://jpatokal.iki.fi/text/j2j/!

The original crude text-only mailing list archive is still accessible at http://jpatokal.iki.fi/archives/j2j.html, but trust me, you'll find the new version much more pleasant.

Photo archive
Jomyoji, Kamakura
Thanks to my spiffy new Ricoh DC-3 digital camera and the Net, I can now subject random strangers to the horrors of watching my vacation slideshows. The photo archive is at http://jpatokal.iki.fi/photo/j2j/. Most pictures taken before episode 19's northern Japan tour are tripe but there are a few gems scattered among the rest.

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Serious notice
Another notice
All material on these pages is copyrighted by yours truly and may not be used without permission. Link freely and spread the word, but do not link to any other page than this one (http://www.iki.fi/~jpatokal/travel/j2j.html), the directory structure of the rest is still very much in flux.

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