Dateline: 11.09 20 Aug 1996
Location: Denmark, København, Botanisk Have

Trees never cease to astound me. Especially ones like this Taxodium distichum, a cypress from the southern U.S. Diameter well over a meter, a height I won't even guess at, three trunks - or maybe just low-starting branches - woven together tightly, smaller branches exploding in all directions. An example of natural order-in-chaos-in-order: from distance, a symmetrical, round tree; up close, a chaotic (but pretty!) aglomeration of disorganized leaves and branches; microscopically, all comprised of the same fundamental units. A tree of this size is big enough to earn even a westerner's respect, but only in Japan (and even there only in theory) would the tree be bowed to in obeisance. At least if inhabited by a Totoro or two.

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