bie'96: overview

This is the story of my first real trip, a month-long romp through most of Europe, starting from Helsinki, Finland.  I traveled alone, using my Inter-Rail pass to cover 12 countries in 21 days, stopping only for a few days (or less) at each new place.  Having no camera with me, the only record of the journey is the extensive travel diary, which clocked in at over 100 handwritten pages and is transcribed here in its entirety.  The diary is thoroughly indexed and the monotony of plain text is occasionally alleviated by scanned pictures of various random items that I picked up during my journey. 

The schedule presents a brief overview of my journey, while the budget documents in tedious detail the finances of the trip. 

As you are about to find out, the spiffy monochrome look used on these introductory pages to lure you in is only chrome plating for the raw text inside, written long before I saw my first HTML editor.  Deal with it.  =) 

And what on earth, I hear you ask, is that incredible picture on the cover?  It's a shot of the Hanke Canal Bridge, which is located inside the truly outstanding caves of Skocjan in Slovenia.  I picked the photo off Slovenia's tourist information pages, but while I didn't take the picture, I certainly did walk across that bridge and that moment alone was worth all the trouble of getting there. 

So what are you waiting for?  Start reading!

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