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ex·trrail  /ik-strA(&)l/
n. 1. a 3-month journey over the land, in the air and under the sea (Eng. extreme + interrail)
"This summer's extrrail will be better than all the previous ones combined!"
n. 2. (abbr.) extra-terrestrial intelligence, see also INTRRAIL
"The SETI project is still looking for extrrail, but I hope to find some first."
v. 3 a journey off the beaten track (Lat. exter + Eng. trail)
"What?  You're going to exttrail to the top of Mt. Triglav!?"
v. 4. to disembowel (Lat. exter + Middle French entrailles)
"Careful with that axe, Eugene, or you'll end up extrrailing yourself."


As of 14.5.2000, ExtrRAIL is finally complete!  But please send in bugs and comments.
JO (start)
June 1999
Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Malta, Tunisia and back
HA (break)
July 1999
Finland, Estonia, Israel
KYU (fast)
August 1999
Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden
(remaining spirit)
September 1999
Finland, Conclusion, Offer to readers


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