Jani in Japan:
The WWW Archives

All episodes broadcast to the J2J mailing list are recorded here in original form, with minor typographical corrections and additional links to the photo archives added (starting in Episode 16).   Most pages are encoded with standard ISO-Latin-1 but the Japanese sections of the multi-part Episode 19 are in Shift-JIS; most browsers will switch automatically.

Episode 00 Introduction
Jani interviews himself
Episode 01 Posmicity
Jani arrives in Tokyo and is flabbergasted
Episode 02 Deconstruction
Jani starts analyzing why he is flabbergasted
Episode 03 Hanami
Jani explores Things Japanese
Episode 04 Kana Mara Sama
Jani goes to a festival in celebration of a particularly big Thing
Episode 05 Deep-Fried Shrimp Heads
Jani's culinary adventures
Episode 05T Record Shops
Jani tells you where to buy techno in Tokyo
Episode 06 Let's Quake
Jani discusses plate tectonics and advertising jingles
Episode 07 Psycholinguistics
Jani's handy-dandy tips for aspiring Japanese students
Episode 08 Observations
Jani keeps his eyes open and boggles a lot
Episode 09 Earth Celebration
Jani finds some really, really big drums
Episode 09H Hitchhiking the Kan-Etsu
Jani tells you how to go listen to really, really big drums
Episode 10 Jungle Fever
Jani gets splashed at Hakkeijima
Episode 11 Saipan
Jani flies off to a tropical paradise
Episode 12 The Dark Side
Jani explores the hidden recesses of the Japanese psyche
Episode 13 Bound for Mu-Mu Land
Jani overdoses on the KLF and goes cyberpunk
Episode 14 Snippets
Jani finds it difficult to write complete sentences
Episode 15 Haadokoa Honmono
Jani goes hardcore in Urdu
Episode 16 Digital Daibutsu
Jani buys a digital camera and tries it out in Kamakura
Episode 16A Shinhatsubai
Jani shamelessly advertises his own list
Episode 17 Pottering About
Jani gets in the Old Japan Mood
Episode 18 Strong Sun Moon
Jani goes to the techno party to end all parties
Episode 19 Hedonistic Zen Monk
Jani retraces Basho's footsteps in northern Japan
Episode 19.0
Episode 19.1
Episode 19.2
Episode 19.3
Episode 19.4
Episode 19.5
The Midlands
Dewa Sanzan
Episode 20-22 Tokyo Hyperdrive
Jani's apartment is invaded by a vortex of energy
Episode 23 Suburban Sojourn
Jani transmogrifies into an obatarian
Episode 24 Ika? No Way!
Jani enjoys squid and modern architecture in Atami
Episode 25 Daigo de gozaimasu
Jani hocks a kidney for vegetarian food on his birthday
Episode 26 Ganbarezo!
Jani hits the tourist trail in Kyoto but soon veers offroad
Episode 27 Return to the Source
Jani's time in Japan ends and he heads home
Episode 28 Summa Summarum
Jani ponders the meaning of life, the universe and J2J

All text and pictures copyright 1998 by Jani Patokallio.