# 0012 / 8.1.2000
Eel Garden, Dahab, Egypt
Exploding Squid Dive Co.

Maximum depth 18,0 m Bottom time 31 min Dive time 31 min
Visibility 10-15 m Water temperature 20 C Pressure after 40/200 (AL)
Dive club Nesima Dive master Francoise Dive buddy Francoise

Again 30 lb, but learning to handle it.  Locating entrance to site required tiresome snorkeling in heavy surf, so legs were a bit tired even at start, but otherwise everything was great.  Top sights: a huge school of barracuda, a scorpionfish, anemones & clownfish, and of course the truly bizarre spectacle of the Eel Garden itself, thousands of erect eels waving about in a limitless expanse of sand!