# 0011 / 7.1.2000
The Islands, Dahab, Egypt
Exploding Squid Dive Co.

Maximum depth 15,0 m Bottom time 51 min Dive time 51 min
Visibility 10-15 m Water temperature 20 C Pressure after 5/200 (AL)
Dive club Nesima Dive master Francoise Dive buddy Francoise

Weight now a ludicrous 30 lb, and I still had a tiny problem getting down!  But once at about 5m everything was just dandy.  A gigantic (meters across!) brain coral, barracuda, a moray, a lionfish and all the usual on all sides and in profusion, much better than Eilat (but still far from unspoiled).

My air consumption was pretty high, and the DM was aware of this: when I reached 30, she stuck her octo in my mouth and kept on going slowly.  At the very end of the ascent I started having weight problems again, but everything was OK, even though I surfaced with less than 10 bar left...!