# 0010 / 4.1.2000
Nature Reserve,
Eilat, Israel
Exploding Squid Dive Co.

Maximum depth 9,0 m Bottom time 39 min Dive time 39 min
Visibility 10-15 m Water temperature 21 C Pressure after 20/210 (AL)
Dive club Aqua Sport Dive master Maayah Davidzon Dive buddy Paul X

Weight upped to 24, but it still took a few extra lbs to get down.  Lots more live coral, both scattered about and concentrated into reefs.  Thousands of goldfish, a sea snake, an almost invisible stonefish and a gigantic (70cm) crocodilefish to boot!  Upon return/ascent things started to get hairy, the tank gained buoyancy and me along with it -- I had to kick down and fight the current just to stay in place!  At one point (when the DM tried to stuff rocks in my BCD) I shot up to the surface from ~3m, but I got back down with another rock and exited normally -- with all of 20 bar left!