# 0009 / 4.1.2000
The Lighthouse,
Eilat, Israel
Exploding Squid Dive Co.

Maximum depth 16,3 m Bottom time 31 min Dive time 31 min
Visibility 10-15 m Water temperature 21 C Pressure after 80/200 (AL)
Dive club Aqua Sport Dive master Maayah Davidzon Dive buddy Carl Davies

Problems right from the start: the joys of metric-to-imperial conversion leave me severely underweighted, I need to have 4 rocks stuffed in my BCD before I can sink, resulting in minimal buoyancy control.  The BCD is too big so the tank is loose, at one point I manage to confuse the buttons and start dumping air in an attempt to get lift!  But these got sorted out.

The scenery wasn't quite up to my expectations, most coral was dead and the scenery was Malta-like; the highlights were spotting a huge puffer and spotting live, pulsating "umbrella" coral for the first time (since my intro).