Dateline: 22:14 04 Sep 1996
Location: Duisburg Hbf 

Now that was eventful.  Here I sit, burping after a tasty bread/chocolate/juice meal (thank heaven for that 5 DM coin, even if I did get 1 DM and 20 zlotys back in exchange), but the train ride here was spent in the most amusing company of 4 techno-zippies going to Wien.  Communication was rather limited because they knew as much English as I know German (hint: that's bad) but merely the displays of paraphernalia put on by fellow #4, going solo, were fascinating.  Not only was he carrying a massive & gorgeous glass bong, but he was smuggling hash (hidden in cheese(!)) and 'shrooms (in the bathroom, if I dug correctly).  The other three were just gathered in a heap of hysterically giggling arms and legs.  Just Say No sure is working, eh?  I could even have sworn that, on the first stop after the (unpoliced) Dutch-German border, I saw a granny-type get off the train carrying a hemp plant at least a meter and a half tall.

Anyway, the exciting part came at 21:45 when I got off at Duisburg...  but as I sauntered past I spotted a Departures signs titled "Oberdoelen Hbf".  For a second I could hear my brain rattling -- click, click, click -- and then crystallizing into an action: "SHIT!"  As the whistle blew I ran to the train, wrested a door open and hauled myself in.  And then got off at the next stop, which was Duisburg.

Up next, Köbenhavn II, for all of one hour.  FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER!

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