Dateline: 09:17 05 Sep 1996
Location: Kobenhavn-Hässleholm, IR 290
And the Great Trip continues, with some 9 hours still to go of the total 25h journey.  During this time I will take 4 different trains (this is the 3rd), no stop at any station lasting longer over an hour.  I had half an hour in Kobenhavn, less than I thought, so I regretfully forgot a shower and a cup of tea in the IR Center and instead went shopping.  I pondered for a while, trying to decide between a 9 kr elite yogurt (with müsli) and 4 kr cheapo one, in the end opting for the cheapo.  A very wise choice, as it turned out: it turned out that my bible, Thomas Cook's European Timetable, was wrong (GASP!), this train does need reservations, and I had to pay the conductor 14 kr -- a sum I would've been exactly 1 kr short of had I bought the more expensive yogurt.  Phew!  This is the second time the wisdom of stowing away a smallish sum of the local currency for unpleasant surprises has been demonstrated.  It's a very nice train though, I'm (almost) glad to pay the 14 kr extra.

Highly amusing.  I was just subjected to my very first personal Customs inspection on this whole trip.  No wonder: a long-hair coming from Amsterdam should set alarm bells ringing (even if, as I lated discovered, searches without prior knowledge, like this one, are actually illegal inside EU borders).  Of course, the truly amusing part was the total inadequacy of the check; sure, the ten minutes they spent digging through my bag, my seat and my pockets ensured I wasn't bringing back a kilo of hash in person, but my acquaintance of yesterday would certainly have gotten past with his cheese trick.  In one pocket of my backpack, I had a large airplace-cosmetics-baggy filled with my personal supply of drugs (purely the medical kind, I'm afraid), but the Customs type never even noticed it.  Probably a good thing though, some of those ziploc bags of colorful pills might have attracted unwanted attention...

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