Dateline: 03.31 24 Aug 1996
Location: Germany, Berlin, the garden of Tresor

They should give bonus points for a location in time & space like this. Here I sit in Tresor's outdoor garden, eyes smarting from the excess cigarette smoke and fog machine stuff, on a little bench facing a statue of Buddha across a lighted pond. House music blares in the background, three superimposed layers of it to be precise. When I came in, the bouncer said upstairs is house and downstairs is techno, which translated to the upstairs being house-house (yechh!) and downstairs being "tekno-house", more often translated as Detroit or minimalist house. Thankfully, nothing sounds very minimalist when played with decidedly maximalist X dozen kilowatt equipment, so I surprised myself by grooving along quite happily after an initial adjustment period.

Now for the club itself: I'm forced to say I don't particularly like it. I must except the decoration though, especially the outstanding lighted garden with its ponds, fountains, trees, bamboo bushes, everything; usually (but not always) cheaply done, but always effective and tasteful. So the decor is good, what about the rest? There's the problem, or actually two of them: commercial and popular. Getting in cost 15 DM, the coatroom another 2 DM and you can't even bring in your own water (thankfully the taps work!). Two rooms of techno but four bars selling alcohol and everything splattered with "Sponsored by Marlboro"-logos! Underground? Not. And indeed, there are an easy 200-300 people here tonight, but maybe 30-40 of them actually dance. Many just sit or stand around watching, or worse yet attempt to copy the dancers with a lighted cig in one hand and a beer bottle in the other, usually while gossiping with someone at the same time. Most people coming in here probably leave at least 30 DM poorer. The organizers must be making a killing off this. Is this what I was looking for?

The day's budget
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