Dateline: 06.42 24 Aug 1996
Location: Berlin-Praha, EC 171 Comenius

Auf wiedersehen, Berlin! I leave you with mixed feelings: a city that could be great if it wasn't just a bit too big, getting crushed under its own weight, now worse than ever since the two Berlins amalgamated. Scenes of beauty interpolated with ugliness, deals of the century with ripoffs of the century, the vibe of humanity and the anarchist underground mixed with the curse of bureaucracy and soulless capitalism. In all, it was fun while it lasted and I may pop in again one day, but stay there I won't. To date, Köbenhavn has been the spiffiest, except for the price level. Now we're entering the zone of countries with a guaranteed low price level, but entirely unknown quality, culture and atmosphere to match... but, of course, that's the only way to find out. FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER!

Hiya kids, and üdzözöljük az "Fun with Hungarian Vocabulary"! Today's delectable tidbit is - drums, please -


What does it mean? I have no idea, but it certainly sounds cool, no? Or at least it probably would if you pronounced it correctly. Yet another fascinating piece of information from Deutsche Bahn's "Ihr Fahrplan"-guidelet for the Berlin-Praha-Budapest journey.

Up next the cosmic random generator came up with this intriguing sign, adorning all four sides of a building right next to the train track:

The boring person might attempt to claim that the sign contains merely the logical abbreviation for the train station of Sadlershof, but personall I would prefer to think of it as a statement on conditions in former East Germany.

The day's budget
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