One year in, around, over and under Japan

the heavily weighted sequel to Jani 2 Japan

text & photography by Jani Patokallio

Table of Contents

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Tokyo Area 東京・関東

Episode 01: Yappari ne!
Back to Japan!

Episode 02: Don Kihoote
Charging at windmills

Episode 03: Grunt! Grunt!
Elementary linguistics

Episode 04: Kan you kankan?
Beer jelly and photography

Episode 05: The Missing Episode
Recycled into episode 06

Episode 06: Raw Horse Meat
Culinary explorations

Episode 07: Techno Toys
Geek gadgets galore

Episode 08: A Normal Day
Just a perfect day?

Episode 08T: Abusing Your Teikiken
Getting more mileage out of your commuter pass

Northern Japan 北海道・東北

Extended Episode 9: Ruff, Tuff and in the Buff
Hitching through northern Japan
in search of the perfect mountain
hot spring and accompanying nuclear reactor

Back to Tokyo 東京・関東

Episode 10: Winter in Tokyo
The Finnish winter it ain't

Episode 11: J3J Awards
The Oscars of Jani's travel world

Episode 12: Manga Mania
Going googly-eyed over comics

Episode 13: Docokaramo, Docomademo
The critically acclaimed true story of how to
enable international calls on a mobile phone

Episode 14: Hard Boiled Wonderland
Hairy mandalas and mega carrots

Episode 15: Angry Demon Beans
Out with demons and in with luck at Kinugawa Onsen

Episode 16: Ceci n'est pas un episode
Not a hat either

Episode 17: Of Eggs and Pirates
Two blond(e)s on patrol

Episode 18: Virtual Yokohama Ramen
Virtual reality and oodles of noodles

Episode 19: Sakura, Sakura
Obligatory cherry blossom episode

Episode 20: Deflationary Japan
The bubble popped

Episode 21: The End is Nigh
Counting days

Western Japan 中国・関西

Extended Episode 22: Atomic Spatula
Nuclear bombs, hot springs and
the world's largest spatula

Just the Pictures, Sir
Pictures, pictures, pictures!


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